Netcool: probes

Probes are pieces of software that sent information to a netcool objectserver. Following probes were written:

  1. nco_p_as
  2. It is possible to retrieve alarms from the Alcatel SDH Network Management products (1353SH and 1354RM).
    To do this you need:
    1. the installation of IOO on the appropiate network management system,
    2. the installation of the IOO-probe from Micromuse,
    3. a lot of money, as neither come cheaply
    The nco_p_as interfaces directly to alcatel's alarm survailance tool, the 1330AS wich is incorporated by both the 1354RM as well as the 1353SH.

  3. nco_p_rm
  4. Identical to nco_p_as, but this probe also retrieves additional information from the Oracle database of the RM.

  5. nco_p_simu
  6. Along with netcool, comes the simnet probe, that sort of randomly generates events.
    Although nice for training purposes, it is only usefull for that. It is limited to generating four types of events (node, port and link UP/DOWN, and disk-saturation). This probe is a better replacement.