Software projects of A-DOMANI: Open Office

Some time ago, Sun-microsystems bought Star-Office.
Star-office is an office environment like Microsoft's office, but it run not only on windows (Intel, AMD), but also on linux (intel, AMD) and Solaris (UltraSparc).

First big move was to make this software freely available for everybody: see
Second big move was to make (as much as possible) of the source code freely available: see Open Office
Whatever the intention may have been for this, it was a stunning move that drew attention of the entire IT-world. It was not only welcomed by people in the western hemisphere who are fed up with an overpriced product of an rival company, but it gace an enormous possibility for all the people in the east and in africa who simply can not afford the products of Microsoft.

Currently, OO is available for:
SUN-sparc64 Solaris 7,8

Besides using OO/SO as ordinary user, we have the following intentions:

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