Netcool tests


One of the questions found in the FAQ of Micromuse and the netcool users group, is " how many events can a system handle?. Although we admit that it IS a difficult question, Micromuse's default answer "contact a sales representitive" is rather blunt.

Admitting that it is nearly impossible to predict what kind of hardware is needed, it is obvious that following parameters will influence the overal performance:

With a given configuration, it is possible to increase the number of (inserted) events, and measure the cpu-load of the object-server process. Thus, it is possible to detect what the maximum load is for that particular configuration. In lab-situations, given several hardware configurations, it gives the opportunaty to determine wether a specific config is ether grocely under configured, or an overkill. In customer-situations, you can prove the sistem can handle what you promissed.


test 1
test 2